Color Run Free Hugs (Vancouver, BC)

Color Run Free Hugs (Vancouver, BC)

September 2, 2017 9:00 am - 11:00 am

Cloverdale Rodeo

6050A-176th Street

Ok you have to do this with us because it’s amazing! You’ve heard The Color Run, right ( Lots of happy people walking/running through a 5k, getting covered in bright colors along the way, then celebrating with an amazing party at the finish line. So that’s fun, but it’s even more fun to greet the finishing participants with a celebratory hug of messyness!

Meet up with us (specifically in the Shell parking lot at 17588 64 Ave, Surrey, BC, and get a free set of head-to-toe coveralls that say “free hugs” to cover all your nice clothes, then we’ll go across the street towards the finish line along the route in our fresh white outfits hugging the participants until we’re covered in their colors. The best part is the finish line – they’ll have a stage with great music, tons of happy people feeling the thrill of their accomplishment, and all of them will want to hug their messy colors all over us! By the end we’ll have the colored shapes of each hugger as “hug imprints” – making people happy and creating artwork at the same time!

This will be our third “free hugs” event at a color run and the others were incredible. Check out the video playlist at for a small taste of the amazingness.

If you’ve ever wanted to try giving out free hugs, this is your chance! Just be sure to press “Going” on the Facebook event page so that we know to expect you and we can bring you a set of coveralls (sending us a Facebook message with your approximate coverall size wouldn’t hurt either because we will have a very limited number available).

Never given out free hugs before? Check out and to learn all about it, then just show up with open arms and a smile and that’s all there is to it! This event is totally free (no Color Run is ticket required since we won’t actually be in the race), takes no preparation, and requires no commitment whatsoever – give it a shot and feel free to leave at any time if it’s not for you. But just so you know, you’ll likely find yourself hooked within minutes and you won’t want to leave even after everyone else is gone.

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