Hugs Across America (Prescott, AZ)

Hugs Across America (Prescott, AZ)

October 15, 2016 1:00 pm - 3:00 pm

Prescott Courthouse Square

Help us to join Hugs Across America ( as we hug as many people as possible throughout America on October 15th. Hugs should happen every day, but let’s really ramp it up on this one day and see if we can focus all that hugging energy all at once!

America has had all kinds of negative stuff going on lately, and to offset that, there’s nothing more positive than hugs. Hug your loved ones, hug your friends, and hug people you don’t really know but kind of like. Then if you really want to make an impact and spread the positivity even farther, offer free hugs to strangers! Not everyone will want one (not everyone is a hugger unfortunately), but the ones that do will really want one. You’ll actually feel it helping them, then in turn you’ll feel it helping you. There’s nothing like a hug and we hope you’ll join us and experience it for yourself!

If you’re up for it, visit the main event page at and pledge to give hugs by pressing “Going”. Then if you’re anywhere near Prescott, Arizona, we would also love it if you could join our group and give out free hugs. We’ll be meeting up at the Courthouse Square (specifically at the corner of N Montezuma St & W Gurley St). Press “Going” on this so we know to expect you, then we’ll have signs available so just show up with a smile 🙂

Oh and you can learn more about Hugs Across America and join the conversation at – your support is greatly appreciated, even if that’s just in the form of words of encouragement!