“Free Hugs” Astronaut


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Outer space can be scary because you don’t know who or what is floating around the corner, so it’s a good idea to have “free hugs” written on your space suit.  If an invasion is imminent, nothing disarms aliens faster than a good, peaceful hug.

This kit includes our patented free hugs coveralls (which are super handy for messy events like color runs and tough mudders) plus a Jr. Astronaut helmet (big on a kid ages 8 and up, perfect on an adult).  The helmet is super high-tech with a “power visor” spring-loaded retractable shield and fancy decals and gizmos.  With everything assembled, you’ll make for a pretty damn convincing astronaut and the reactions will be out of this world.  Seriously, of all of our outfits, this one gets the most intense reactions and complements, followed by tons of hugs (because who wouldn’t want to hug an astronaut?!)

Oh – if you plan to go out at night (umm nightclub or EDM festival anyone?) consider the “Deluxe” Astronaut and you’re definitely going to want some light-up shoes to go with this, and throwing some EL wire or other battery-powered lights inside the coveralls so they glow wouldn’t be too shabby.


Additional information

Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 10 × 2 in
Coveralls Size

Small (5' 4" – 5' 7"), Medium (5' 6" – 5' 9.5"), Large 5' 8.5" – 6' 0", X-Large (5' 11" – 6' 2"), XX-Large (6' 1" – 6' 4.5"), XXX-Large (6' 3.5" – 6' 6.5")

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