Hug Aroma – Peppermint



People are sometimes afraid to get a free hug from a random stranger.  Why?  Well it comes from a lot of misconceptions, and a big one is smell.  When they picture a stranger pushed into their personal space, they often worry that the person might be stinky, and that the hug might make everyone stinky.  The solution?  Don’t stink!  In addition to bathing and washing our onesies frequently, we’ve also experimented with all kinds of aromas.  Nobody likes flowery perfumes, but everyone seems to love peppermint.  There are several types of peppermint essential oils, but this one from dōTERRA is clearly the best, and the roll-on applicator is ideal for quickly applying to either your neck (perfect for a hot day where you want to stay cool) or the inside of your hood (for those cold nights).  Straight peppermint will evaporate quickly, but this is a mixture of peppermint and coconut oil so it lasts for hours.

You’re probably thinking “is all of this really important?  I mean come on, peppermint?”  Yes it is!  It’s a great feeling to give people hugs, but equally enjoyable is the look of surprise on their faces when they pull back and exclaim “wow you smell really good!”  There have been times when we’ve headed out to give free hugs, then we realize we’ve forgotten the peppermint, and we’ll make the long trip back to the car just to get it – it’s that important!  Yes dōTERRA essential oils are expensive (they’re the best), but this roll-on bottle goes a long way and essentially works out to about a dollar per day – well worth it.  And for purely selfish reasons, if you find yourself in a hot onesie, you’re going to really appreciate the crisp, cool feeling of a breeze going over your peppermint neck.  You’re welcome.

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Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 13 × 19 × 3 in